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The comedy star was working on one of his projects had been staying at a hotel during an outdoor shoot.
Actor Threatens Producer 19:20:PM |May 22,2017
The actor after hearing about the incident from the director has now threatened the producer to cooperate or he would inform his fans not to watch the film it releases.
The two are now acting together in a film set for release later this year and it is said plenty of romantic scenes will be there.
The actor has stated he will not be taking part in any of the film's promotional activities despite frequent requests from the makers.
The actress came across a lewd comment passed out in general which she decided to address.
The actress is quite headstrong in wanting to complete all the projects she has signed up and is braving the hot conditions.
Industry people are now thinking about not casting the two in the same film together ever again.
After reports came out that the actress had left the film citing call sheet issues, many wondered there could be more than was being stated.
The actress is quite stunned with the development and is reportedly replying back through phone calls.
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