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Actor's Demand And Actress's Refusal. What's Happening?
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  Saturday, May 13,2017 18:09 IST
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Although he's been seen in few well-publicized films, success hasn't followed his doorstep in recent times. The actor, who is currently starring in a semi-period horror film is hoping fortunes will soon turn around. However, his actions in recent times are not favoring him.

Latest reports now state the actor is not taking part in any of the film's promotional activities despite frequent requests from the makers. The producers have then tried to get in touch with the film's heroine to try and convince the lead star to take part since the two have been quite close off the camera as well. However, those efforts too have gone in vain since she hasn't been attending any of the calls being made by the producers. This has irked them and they have stopped calling her now. It is said the actor had instructed the actress to not take part in any of the promotional activities. 
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