Chennai 23-01-2018 Tuesday

Popular Actress Describes Her First Lip-Lock Kiss

At a time when actresses don't reveal any information about their personal lives, this beautiful lady has come out daring with her stunning revelation.

August 05, 2017 17:39

Eight Year Long Wait Ends For Actress

The actress is prominently known to be the younger sister of a former leading actress, who is currently married to one of the biggest actors in the state.

August 03, 2017 19:34

Actress Reveals Her Deepest Desire

She's cemented herself over the years to be one of the most popular actresses down south having acted in many films in Tamil and Telugu. At present, she is attached to two biggies in Tamil and two more films in Telugu.

August 02, 2017 17:21

Leading Actress Shocks Industry After Tremendous Weight Loss

A couple of years back, she played the lead in a film which required to appear overweight on screen. Rather than going with prosthetics, the actress decided she'd rather put on the weight to nail the look.

August 01, 2017 18:41

Five Crores For Leading Actress For Promo Appearance

She's leading the pack of actresses down south and has an opening for her films akin to her male peers in the industry.It must be noted that only leading male superstars gain such a monumental fee and the actress cashing in such money only proves she's the best of the best in the industry right now.

July 31, 2017 17:57

Director Apologizes To Fans After Failing To Follow His Promise

He's established himself as a director to look out for after making a good directorial and following it up with a smash hit couple of years back. Now, with his third film in its final stages and gearing up for a release later this year, the young filmmaker is going all guns to ensure his product is well-packaged and satisfies all fans.

July 29, 2017 19:06

Popular Personality Will Not Act With Leading Hero But Wants To...

He's one of the biggest stars in the state and has a fan following unlike many other stars in recent years. There are many who wait for an opportunity to work with him and that includes leading heroines too.

July 28, 2017 17:57

Actress Leaves India After Split With Popular Actor

Many have been under the belief for quite sometime now that the two will be entering wedlock towards the end of this year and this recent news has reportedly left many shocked and disappointed in the industry.

July 27, 2017 19:02

'Top' Actress Targets The Khans Of Bollywood

She made her entry into cinema with a highly acclaimed Tamil venture back in 2011. Since then, she has gone on to star in several notable ventures in the Tamil film industry and has made heads turn across south India. Although her solo action film didn't perform well at the box office, the actress did manage to make headlines for achieving the feat at such an early stage in her career.

July 26, 2017 18:47

Leading Actor Forced To Sell House

He's risen to the top of the league after years of hard work and without any background. Despite few good successes, the handsome star is now faced with few financial problems after few of his last films haven't performed well at the box office.

July 25, 2017 19:05

Actor Says NO To Popular Actress In His Big Sequel

The sequel to one of the big hits of 2015 was launched after a formal pooja just few days back. It was believed many of the original cast members would be reprising their roles. However, that seems not to be the case as yet.

July 24, 2017 19:13

Popular Actress Moving From Traditional To Glamorous Roles

Her debut in Malayalam turned out to be a blockbuster in 2015 after she appeared as one of the three female leads in the film. Since then, the young lady has also appeared in Telugu as well as Tamil films.

July 21, 2017 19:15

Top Actress Puts Forward Strong Condition For Marriage

The actress is also currently part of two big films coming out this year and commands a massive fan following across the four southern states.

July 15, 2017 19:25

"Desire" Actress Says She Can Do More Than Just Appearing In Romantic Scenes

The "Desire" actress is a huge name in south Indian cinema and has carved a niche for herself up North after starring in one of the biggest hits of all time.

July 12, 2017 18:02

One Tamil Film Old Hot Young Actress Reveals She Will Do Glamour Roles If Needed

The actress made her Tamil cinema debut very recently and is now starring in one of the biggest films in production. She has made heads turns and jaws drop with her amazing dancing skills.

July 10, 2017 18:26

'Superstar' Actress Rethinks Glamour Policy

She's set the bar for any competing actress in the industry over the years with her performances as well as choice of roles. The 'Superstar' actress, who is one of the biggest names in the country has amassed a massive fan following and is busy with multiple projects. Her popularity is so high that any mention of a big film immediately leads to fans including her name in the said project.

July 08, 2017 19:04

Popular Serial Actress Reveals She Was Beaten Up

The actress began her acting journey in television as a dubbing artist before making a transition to acting on the small screen. She's made a mark for herself over the years starring in many popular serials and is currently part of a soap opera that has a wide viewerswhip.

July 07, 2017 17:39

A Bit Too Much Says This "Master" Actor

During his interaction with the press there, the veteran actor expressed his opinion on GST saying it was a good scheme, but was brought into effect in haste and should have been implemented after better thought.

July 06, 2017 18:02

No More Spicy Songs For 'Intellectual' Actress

Fans will be disappointed as she is one of the finest performers in the industry now.

July 05, 2017 17:47

'Naughty' Actress Refuses Film With Up-And-Coming Star Despite Few Offers

Despite being a popular name, the young actress isn't riding the success wave off late.

July 04, 2017 17:30

'Punch' Actor Will Not Act If Anybody Dares To Say It

A lot has been said about this popular actor's stance on coming to the shooting spot as per his own wishes.

June 30, 2017 19:17