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Manal Kayiru 2
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 23,2016 15:15 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 23,2016 15:15 IST
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Dharan Kumar C

The first part of Manal Kayiru dealt with S. Ve. Sekhar putting forward eight conditions to marriage broker Visu to help find him a bride. Post his marriage to Santhi Krishna, he realizes that she doesn't fulfill his eight stipulations and ends up staying married to her for 34 years.

S. Ve. Sekhar now has a daughter in Manal Kayiru 2 after 35 years of marriage. His daughter Poorna is not interested in getting married anytime soon and is focused on her business. However, after much insistence from her parents, she gives her consent, but puts forward eight stipulations for the groom her parents choose.

S. Ve. Sekhar once again approaches Visu to find a groom for his daughter, who comes to the conclusion that Aswin Sekhar is the only man who can agree to Poorna's stipulations. However, after their marriage, Poorna realizes that Aswin doesn't fulfill her eight conditions.

How the story pans out after their differences forms the rest of the plot in Manal Kayiru 2.

S. Ve. Sekhar, Visu, Kuriyakose among others who appeared in the first part of Manal Kayiru once again make an appearance in the sequel, whose experiences shows in their performances. Jayasree has played the role of Santhi Krishna's character in the second film in a satisfying manner.

Hero Aswin has performed in all departments namely action, comedy, sentiment in a good manner. Poorna has a strong character in the film and she has done justice to her role. M. S. Bhaskar as an astrologer, Namo Narayanan as a politician, Jegan as an advertisement director and George as his assistant give neat performances.

Director Madan Kumar, who laid emphasis on comedy, sentiment and social issues in the first half has carried the same elements in the second half. The first half is overall jolly with lively performances by the cast and lends to a satisfaction overall. The second half however tends to drag a bit with sentiment post Poorna's marriage. The film redeems itself towards the climax and audiences leave the cinema halls all content.

S. Ve. Sekhar's screenplay under Madan Kumar's direction is a plus for the film. Dharan's music deserves appreciation. The song 'Adiye Thaangamate' sung by Anirudh is worth listening more than once. The composer could have delivered a better backround score. Cinematographer Gopi Jegadeeswaran has presented the film in a fulfilling manner.

In short, Manal Kayiru 2 is a tight knot that will stay long and strong.
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