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Published on :
  Friday, Dec 30,2016 18:29 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 30,2016 18:29 IST
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Hero :

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Director :

Music :
Sreejith Edavano

Cinematography :
Bojan K Dinesh

Raja, Sanjay Mickie, Hayden and Kumar are close friends. Living in a multi-storey apartments as well to do folks, they spend their day enjoying life with drinks and other things. They also make it a point to make fun of the ladies in the apartments. In a similar way they make fun of the heroine Urmila Gayathri but she ends up thrashing two of these guys and the gang decide to take revenge on her.

Meanwhile one among the gang dies in a mysterious fashion and the apartment members believe it's a cat that's behind this death. But the rest of the gang believe it's Urmila behind this death and police takes over the case. But before they could come up with anything solid, another friend also dies and police gets confused as the residents blame it only on the cat. Is it really the cat which murdered people? Will the remaining members of the gang escape from the clutches of the murderer? Meow answers the question.

All the four lead members have delivered the job neatly but they could've concentrated a bit more on their acting. But they do fit in perfectly as the rich brats. Urmila has done a good job as a model who is brave enough to do what it takes to prove her innocence. Shiny who appears in the second half has tried to win the audience with glamour. A cat has been given a pivotal role with a character named as Selfie. Considering how hard it is to shoot with cats, the crew has done a good job with it. Baby Yuvina too has done a decent job. As WhatsApp Mani, Daniel's comedy doesn't do much to make audience laugh.

A tried and tested revenge story has been chosen as the theme by director Chinnas Palanisamy. Even though he has opted for the usual route in dealing with screenplay and shots, the fact that he used a cat as a character is praiseworthy. Graphics has given a helping hand in making the film's output better. Sreejith Edavano's music are decent. The background score should've deserved more attention. Bojan K Dinesh's cinematography is likeable.

Overall, Meow isn't loud enough. 
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