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  Friday, Jan 06,2017 14:45 IST
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Allied is a World War 2 romantic thriller that released in the western world during the end of 2016 and has made its way to India now. It stars Brad Pitt as an intelligence officer and Marion Cotillard as a German spy posing as a resistance fighter, who fall in love during a mission to kill a German official. Let's check out how it fared.

In the heights of World War 2, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt), an Intelligence Officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force travels to Casablanca to assassinate the German Ambassador. He joins hand with Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cottilard), a French Resistance fighter, to pose as a couple to carry out the mission. Though they try to keep the relationship between them completely professional, fate has it that they fall for each other, get married and become parents to a baby girl named Anna. This is when Max learns that Marianne could be a German spy, having adopted her identity after a person who was killed in France. Whether she really is a spy or an innocent wife as she claims to be forms the crux of Allied.

Apart from turning out to be one of the worst acts of mankind, World Wars have provided excellent material for the film industry and Hollywood has dished out at least one film a year based on this war's backdrop. While there has been flicks such as Casablanca that delivers a story minus the gory details of the way and ends up being a classic, very few films leave a mark on us. Allied is another film that tries to do the same and succeeds to a certain extent.

Director Robert Zemeckis has made a realistic film which looks rich thanks to the vintage feel and stylish shots. Even though the film completely runs behind only the two lead stars, their performance and screenplay gets us hooked to the story right from the first shot. The script by Steven Knight can be called as the film's hero. The romance between Pitt and Cottilard is shot aesthetically in spite of raising the mercury level with some fiery sequences. While Cottilard looks custom tailored for the role, Pitt proves the performer in him with excellent acting prowess, especially the climax scene where he experiences emotional pain.

While not being a classic, Allied is definitely a film worth watching in the big screens thanks to the lovely story-telling and top-notch performances. 
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