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  Friday, Jan 06,2017 19:04 IST
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Thomas Newman

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Rodrigo Prieto

Two of Hollywood's superstars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence join hands for the first time in Passengers. This science fiction adventure film is about two people who get up decades earlier than planned from an induced hibernation on board a spaceship that's en route to a new planet. Let's check out how the film is.

Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is one of the 5000 passengers on the spaceship Avalon which is heading to Homestead II, an earth like planet which is years away from Earth. All the passengers are programmed to be on induced hibernation for 120 years but a glitch in the system causes the sleeping pod of Jim to open with 90 years to spare. Being heart-broken with the fact that he's going to spend the rest of his life traveling through space he goes through an ethical dilemma at the end of which his desires win. He does a cardinal sin and opens up the pod of Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) for the sake of company. How will she react when she gets to know that her life has been ruined? Will the duo escape the loneliness of nothing but space to their company? Passengers answers it.

With sci-fi flicks being a regular in Hollywood, Passengers had to be different yet intriguing to the audience and while it does the former with ease, it's the fact of making it interesting where the film slips. Chris Pratt is known for his naughty antics and Jennifer Lawrence is famous for her goofiness which together does the trick of keeping the flick lively. But the problem with Passengers is with its script and screenplay.

Less than half an hour into the film, the story is unraveled but just like the two are stuck with no where to go, the story suffers from taking a next move thereby testing ones patience. While the duo have given a great performance, especially in emotional scenes, they fall victim to some obviously apparent and toned down dialogues which states the obvious. Though the pair looks fresh, the spark between them is missing.

Instead of focusing on the relationship between a selfish perpetrator and a wronged victim living under the same room, we get to witness the workings of a spaceship and its technical glitches. Director Morten Tyldum of The Imitation Game fame and Writer Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange, Prometheus) have banked too much on the lead's star power rather than hoping on the film's success based on the film itself.

Overall, Passengers is a film that sounds great as an idea with a dream cast, but fails predominantly in delivering what's promised. 
PASSENGERS Official Trailer
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