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Soora Thengai
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  Friday, Jan 06,2017 20:02 IST
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In a small town, hero Guru Arvind runs a shop. Living with his mom alone, Guru leads a simple life without any disruptions apart from being an alcoholic. His uncle's daughter heroine Samanthi is doing his schooling in the same town. Though Samanthi loves Guru, our hero doesn't give her a second look and spends a major part of his life drinking his way to glory.

The town's counsellor, with four of his brothers, do a number of illegal activities such as forming panchayats, getting hold of others' property and many more. That's when it's revealed that the counsellor was the one who killed Guru's father during a land dispute and seeing this in person is the reason behind hero's silence. At one point Guru's mother emotionally asks him to ditch the habit of drinking which our hero does followed by even getting closer with the heroine which leads to the families talk about their wedding.

Meanwhile, the counsellor eyes the property of Samanthi's family and this leads to a trouble between the hero and the villains. Did Guru get rid of his enemies and get married to the girl he loves forms the crux of Soora Thengai.

Hero Guru Arvind has done his role perfectly. Dance and action sequences are carried out by him with ease. As the cutely naughty heroine, Samanthi has delivered what's necessary for the role. As Guru's relative, Jaya Mani takes care of the comical portions which helps in the story's travel.

How being an alcoholic can ruin a person's life has been well documented by the film's director Sanjeev Srinivas. Yet, as the important scenes aren't convincing enough, the film fails to make an impact with the audience. Shakthi's music doesn't have much of a recall value.

Overall, Soora Thengai has what it takes to be a decent flick but fails due to poor execution. 
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