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Peiyena Peiyum Kurudhi
Published on :
  Tuesday, Jan 10,2017 16:16 IST
Updated on :
  Tuesday, Jan 10,2017 16:16 IST
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Hero :

Heroine :

Director :

Music :
Jose Franklin

Cinematography :
Srinivasan S

The state's political parties come together for a meeting in Kancheepuram. 40 of the leaders from these parties are killed by unknown mercenaries who rip away their hearts after executing them. These incident shocks Tamilnadu. As always, the cops rush to the scene and investigate the film's heroes Jana, Sreenivasan, Harris, Ganesan and Robin. In this investigation the cops come to a conclusion that the five of them are related to the murders. These innocent men were brainwashed and made to do these horrendous crimes by a mastermind. Who's the man behind this fiasco? Why are the party heads being targeted? Peiyena Peiyum Kurudhi answers this.

The five lead heroes have done a good job. The film travels in the perspective of them and the director has come up with strong characterizations for them which they've carried out well. Director Sudhakar Shanmugam has attempted something bold by doing a film without any female characters. As a story it's an intriguing and thrilling one. But as the story revolves only around certain characters, its hard to be hooked to the flick.

Though it's a revenge flick which is a regular in Tamil cinema, the perspective in which it's said deserves appreciation. P Ganesh Babu and S Srinivasan's cinematography has elevated the film's feel by a considerable amount. Jose Franklin's music is decent. He could've concentrated more on the background score.

Overall, Peiyena Peiyum Kurudhi is a good attempt that could've been much better. 
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