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Unnai Thottukollava
Published on :
  Tuesday, Jan 10,2017 19:49 IST
Updated on :
  Tuesday, Jan 10,2017 19:49 IST
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Hero :

Heroine :

Director :

Music :
Vasantha Mani

Cinematography :
Sai Natraj

Heroine Anjana Sukhani is a student who lives in a hostel. Happenings make her believe that an unknown figure is following her all the time. Scared of her actions, her friends make sure she gets back to her grand-mother's place in a village. Anjana's grand-dad Livingstone was a rich land-lord and after his death, his wife Pallavi is all that's left for the heroine in this village. Despite the change in location, Anjana still feels the figure following her and the peace of mind she wanted badly gets disrupted yet again. Meanwhile she falls in love with a villager, Silambarasan.

Without knowing the reason for being followed, Anjana even thinks that this is because of the bad deeds her grand-father did before his death which is haunting her now. What was the horrendous crime her grand-father did? What are the consequences because of that? The rest of the film states the answers to these questions.

Anjana travels throughout the film. Knowing her importance, she has done a decent job with her acting. But some scenes, especially the ones in which she acts scared looks very artificial. Hero Silambarasan doesn't have much to offer as a character but whatever little he has, he does it perfectly. As the right hand of Livingstone, the late Kadhal Dhandapani has done a great job. Apart from these characters, the other fail to leave a mark in the audience.

Under Andal Ramesh's direction, this film was made a long time but due to unforeseen reasons, the film took its sweet time to get released. In this gap, a new trend has formed and we get to witness a horror film every Friday. Hence, this flick, without much scenes to scare the audience, leaves us uninterested. Even then, the director can be praised to document how goddesses are still worshiped in villages.

Vasantha Mani's music doesn't do much to elevate the film. His background score could've been better too. Cinematography plays an important role for horror films and Sai Natraj's job doesn't do the trick. The VFX shots too doesn't fetch any appreciations.

Overall, Unnai Thottukollava, fails to touch us.

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