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Published on :
  Friday, Aug 12,2016 18:52 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Aug 12,2016 18:52 IST
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Wagah stars Vikram Prabhu and debutante Ranya Rao in the lead roles under the direction of GNR Kumaravelan of Haridas fame.

After completing his studies, hero Vikram wants to spend his time happily but his father appoints him in their provision stores. When Vikram comes to know about the recruitment done for the Border Security Forces through his cousin Sathyan, they both decide to attend the selection with the idea that they will be supplied liquor at a cheaper price in the military premises.

During the selection, Sathyan doesn't get selected due to his over weight and the selected Vikram has been posted at the Indian border. Feeling lonely, Vikram decides to quit the job and return to his home town. But before that, he happens to meet heroine Ranya Rao and falls for her. He then decides to stay back in his service for the sake of Ranya.

The hero and the heroine meet often to develop their friendship  which in turn turns to be a love relationship. Amidst this, a sudden chaos created in an internal conflict at Kashmir, demands all the Pakistanis to leave the place. Being a Pakistani, even Ranya has to return to her motherland but she faces some hurdles in doing so. Vikram comes to her rescue and when he crosses the border to leave her in her place, he is imprisoned by the Pakistan forces. The reason behind his arrest and the happy ending of the story can be enjoyed in the silver screens.

Vikram Parbhu fits well in his character with his height and well built physique. He looks terrific and proves his skills in the fight scenes but has to improve his acting in the romance sequences. Ranya Rao suits well in her role. Since the story revolves around her character, she is seen throughout the film and has done a great job.

Director GNR Kumaravelan gets a special applause for narrating the struggle filled life of the security force soldiers, who spend most of their time standing alone and manning the border. He has also pictured the sufferings of the Indian prisoners in Pakistan to an appreciable manner. But, love being the main knot of the story, the director fails to make it perfect with the needed shots.

The dialogue adds strength to the movie. D.Imman is not impressive with the songs but very effective with the BGMs. Sathish Kumar's camera makes Kashmir look more beautiful. Lalgudi Ilaiyaraja's settings give the feelings of visiting the real spots.

Summing up, Wagah would've been more impressive if it had been done with more momentum. 
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