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Published on :
  Monday, Aug 22,2016 19:31 IST
Updated on :
  Monday, Aug 22,2016 19:31 IST
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Nambiyar is a delayed release of the Tamil science fiction comedy film starring Srikanth, Santhanam and Sunaina doing the lead roles. Debutante Ganeshaa, a former associate of director S.S.Rajamouli, has helmed the cast and the crew.

Srikanth's father wants him to become a collector but the uninterested Srikanth writes the I.A.S examination just to satisfy his father. He possesses a mix of positive and negative thoughts like any other human beings but often gets confused by mixing both the qualities.

Imagining himself as the figure of good thoughts, Srikanth creates Santhanam as the figure of bad thoughts and names him Nambiyar. Amidst this, he meets Sunaina in an accident and their initial clashes develop into a love relationship as days pass by.

When everything goes smooth in the hero's life, Nambiyar tries to dominate him and due to his influence Srikanth starts consuming liquor. In a drunken state, he involves himself in many illicit matters and makes his life miserable. What happens after that and whether Srikanth is able to fulfill his father's wish and get united with his lover form the crux of the story.

Having taken up a different character in this film, actor Srikanth has excelled in his performance by showing various emotions like love, sentiment and action. Nambiyar has given him the fame after a long gap and as a producer of this film, Srikanth has met his success.

Santhanam has played the titular character and has been a pillar of strength to this film. He gets a special credit in making the audience enjoy his villain character with a touch of comedy. Sunaina attracts the viewers with her beauty, glam and acting skills. Other than this, all the other artists have done their given portions in a good manner.

Director Ganeshaa has taken up a different story knot in his maiden film. He has conveyed the message that though life is filled with both positive and negative thoughts, a person should be able to take up the good thoughts alone and come up in his life in a light-hearted manner. When the dialogues are praiseworthy, the screenplay could have been given more attention.

Songs are enjoyable and the BGMs are appreciable in Vijay Antony's composition. The music composer has made Santhanam to sing a song and this can be taken as a courageous effort from his side. M.S.Prabhu's cinematography is an added support to the film.

Totally, Nambiyar can be enjoyed. 
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