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Bayam Oru Payanam
Published on :
  Friday, Aug 26,2016 13:17 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Aug 26,2016 13:17 IST
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Said to be on the lines of Hollywood films, the paranormal thriller film, Bayam Oru Payanam features Bharath Reddy, Vishaka Singh and Meenakshi Dixit in lead roles under the debutante Manisharma's direction.

Hero Bharath Reddy is a photographer by profession and travels to Thekkady to capture unique landscape pictures. As it becomes night, he stays in a guest house there. Well past midnight, when Bharath goes through the pictures he had taken, he happens to get hold of a memory card from that place. The card shows a group of youngsters dancing in an intoxicated state.

When Bharath recognizes a woman in one of the photographs, he tries to contact his friend in Chennai to convey the news that he has seen a ghost in the pictures. However, the ghost soon starts tormenting him in all possible ways. Although he escapes from that house, he starts visualizing incidents from a year back and the people who died in that house. The reasons and the connection of the ghost in this situation forms the crux of the story of Bayam Oru Payanam.

The whole story involves around the hero and Bharath Reddy has done justice to his given portions. He is appreciable in expressing his fear on seeing a ghost. Vishaka Singh has taken up the ghost character and acts well in maintaining the terror tempo. She is equally effective while portraying the feelings of sentiment and affection.

Though given a few scenes, Meenakshi Dixit is able to utilize the opportunity to impress the audience with her looks and performance. Singampuli and Yogi Babu make the audience laugh while veteran actress Urvashi, John Vijay and Ramdoss proving their experience in their respective roles.

With the current trend seeing many horror film releases, debutante director Manisharma succeeds in giving out a total thriller in his maiden venture. Although few scenes look short of the logic needed, the director is able to make the movie interesting till the end.

Y. R. Prasad's musical score is a plus with the songs enjoyable. He succeeds in his attempts to create the thriller effect in his background score. Andrew's cinematography brings out the scenic beauty of the locations.

Over all, Bayam Oru Payanam proves to be a scary trip.
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