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Published on :
  Saturday, Aug 27,2016 10:58 IST
Updated on :
  Saturday, Aug 27,2016 10:58 IST
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54321 is a psychological thriller film starring Shabeer, Aarvin and Pavithra Gowda in lead roles with Rohini, Pasanga Sivakumar and Ravi Raghavendra in supporting roles under debutante Ragavendra Prasad's direction.

Hero Aarvin and heroine Pavithra Gowda get united in wedlock after their friendship blossoms to love and a boy child is born. Life is at its best for the family.

In this situation, Aarvin returns home late one day and in the mean time, a thief enters his house and tries to rob the valuables and cash. Meanwhile, villain Sabeer also gives his entry there. On seeing him, the thief hides himself inside the house.

Sabeer beats Aarvin and his wife and ties them along with a girl baby which is said to be brought in by him. The child's identity is not known as it is disguised. Saying that he does not like that child and so Aarvin should kill the baby if he wants Sabeer to release his wife safe. The reason behind this plot and the connection between Aarvin and Sabeer are narrated with momentum in the second part of the film.

Hero Aarvin does not have much scope to perform with his acting as his character is pictured to be begging Sabeer's mercy throughout the script. Even then, he has done his part justice. Sabeer has excelled in portraying in his negative role with a psycho attitude.

Heroine Pavithra Gowda has been utilized to romance the hero in the beginning and her character goes quiet afterwards as she is controlled by the villain. Jayakumar Janakiraman, who comes as the thief, makes the audience laugh and enjoy his performance by his expressions.

Director Ragavendra Rao gets the appreciation for giving out a different thriller story in his maiden venture. Though there are flashback scenes for all the actors, the interesting screenplay makes the viewers enjoy the movie. The director has taken this opportunity to mention about a rare disease called OCD and the treatment methods for such disabilities.

Although Joshua Sridhar has been credited as the music director in 54321, there are no songs with the exception of the background score which lend to the thriller effect. Banu Murugan's cinematography is praiseworthy.

On the whole, 54321 will make the audience happy.
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