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Vendru Varuvaan
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  Sunday, Aug 28,2016 13:37 IST
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The film starts at the early age of the hero, Veera Bharathi. The young boy beats the village head man for his cheap lustrous attitude towards his mother utilizing her blindness. But, when he conveys this incident to his mother, she gets afraid that her son's life will be put into danger by the offended person and sends him into the forest with a priest.

Bharathi grows up there rough and tough without any civilized manners. Hearing the atrocities of the head man and his son, he comes to his village often to punish them severely and leaves the place after threatening them. Whoever comes under the warning of Veera Bharathi, meet their end in a mysterious way afterwards. Thinking that he could be the culprit, the public corners him and hands him over to the police.

What happens after that and the truth behind the murders are narrated in the second half of the film.

Hero Veera Bharathi looks apt for the rough character and is excellent while performing the fight sequences. Heroine Sameera looks beautiful and attractive in her village outfits. The other artists who had portrayed the role of the head man and the hero's mother have done justice to their part.

The comedy tracks done by Vaiyapuri and Crane Manohar fail to serve the purpose and irks the viewers. Director Vijendran succeeds in choosing the right cast (though they are newbies). The incomplete sequences of the first part of the film create an uninteresting feeling among the audience but the director is able to make it up after the interval when he tries to solve the knots. Had he trimmed the film in the first half, the entire movie would have been more interesting.

Songs can be enjoyed in Murali Krishna's music but the BGMs should have been given more attention. Cinematographer Jayachandran do not support the momentum of the screenplay and even plays a hindrance to visualize the scenes by using an orange colour constantly.

Overall, Vendru Varuvaan will win the race in a slow pace.
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