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Mechanic Resurrection
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  Monday, Aug 29,2016 18:22 IST
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Mechanic: Resurrection is an American action thriller film made as a sequel to the 2011 released The Mechanic. The film features Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh in the lead roles under the direction of Dennis Gansel.

Mechanic Jason Statham who worked as a contract killer in the first part of Mechanic continues to do the same in this sequel as well. The villain Sam insists Jason to kill three most dangerous men in the world and stage them as accidents. Sam's gang threatens to murder Jason if he refuses to accomplish their master's order.

Jason escapes from the gang after beating them severely and takes a shelter in an island. He meets Jessica Alba there and knowing that she has come from Sam, he makes her confirm it with his inquiry.

Even then, they become close after being bitten by the love bug. Sam kidnaps Jessica amidst this with the help of his goons. He promises to relieve Jessica if Jason is done with the murders. What happens after that and whether Jason recovers his lover after completing his assignments form the crux of the story.

Planning behind a murder forms the main point of interest in the previous Mechanic series and the same interesting factor has been continued in this film too. The audience can easily get involved with Jason's action plans and the fighting techniques. He really creates a fire in his action movements. The actor proves his mettle without any defect.

Jessica Alba looks attractive but the romance sequences between her and Jason are not that attractive. Although the story line is very simple, the action sequences of Jason and the entry of Tommy Lee Jones in the climax scenes make the film more interesting.

On the whole, Mechanic 2 can be concluded as an action bound entertainer.
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