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Published on :
  Wednesday, Aug 31,2016 21:08 IST
Updated on :
  Wednesday, Aug 31,2016 21:08 IST
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Tollywood/Bollywood popular Ram Gopal Varma directed Chocobar is the Tamil version of the director's 2014 released low budget Telugu horror film Ice Cream. The film stars Navdeep and Tejaswi Madivada in the lead roles.

Knowing that his lover Tejaswi is alone at her home as her parents are away to attend a marriage, Navdeep visits her house. There he sees a doll that resembles a frog and enquires her about that. When she says that the constructors would have kept it there for a sentiment purpose, he knocks it away with his leg. He, then, stays there for a while and later leaves the place.

After his departure, Tejaswi happens to face many scary incidents. She hears the musical tones from the piano, knock on the door for every tenth minute, noise of the ghosts in the bath room and a continuous water leak from the pipe. Afraid to see all this, Tejaswi brings Navdeep to be with her.

Without believing what she says, Navdeep calls a plumber to repair the leaking tap but the wizard like looks of the plumber increases the fear of Tejaswi. Above all, the servant maid and his brother add more fuel to her fear factor by their attitudes.

What happens there and whether the frog doll has any connection with all the mysterious happenings form the crux of the story.

The entire movie revolves around six characters. Among this artists, Navdeep has done a great performance. Tejaswi has less scope to prove her acting skills but her glam looks and the fearing expression are able to attract the viewers. The terror look of the servant maid, the excellent ghost make up of the old woman and the action sequences of the plumber get the applause from the audience.

Director Ram Gopal Varma has taken up a real life incident in a terrific manner by using Flowcam System Technology and has proved that he could give a quality film even in a low budget. Pradyothan's music works and Pratap Kumar Sanga's editing works are very apt and appreciable in continuing the horror effects. Anji's camera works act as a backbone to the film and gives the needed support.

Totally, Chocobar tastes terrific.   
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