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Don't Breathe
Published on :
  Friday, Sep 02,2016 19:47 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Sep 02,2016 19:47 IST
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Don't Breathe is a film that has come under the direction of Fede Alvarez. The film features Daniel Zovatto, Dylan Minnette and Jane Levy in the lead roles with Stephen Land performing a pivotal character.

Daniel, Dylan and Jane get their earnings through robbery and one day they sneak into a blind man's house, which is located in a lonely place, to rob his wealth. But, while doing so, they are not able to escape from that place as per their plans. What happens afterwards and the reason behind their stagnation form the crux of the movie.

Actor Stephen Lang, who has portrayed the blind man's role, stands the pillar of strength in this film. He easily terrorizes the viewers with his rough psychic and horror filled eyes. Although he is being pictured as blind, his fast movements create the wow factor among the audience and in the final scenes he is able to make them feel for him as well.

Grasping their characters well, the trio Daniel, Dylan and Jane have made it perfect with their performances. Even the dog reared by the blind man maintains the terror tempo with its looks and barks.

The blind man's house is the only back drop in this film but the director succeeds in maintaining the thriller effect in all the shots. He has taken great efforts while penning the script and developing the character of the blind man.

Don't Breathe justifies its title as a perfect suspense thriller film and the movie is sure to give a new experience to the thriller lovers. Roque Banos's BGMs are supportive to the mainstream and the camera works of Pedro Luque are crisp and helpful in carrying out the momentum.

Summing up, Don't Breathe is a perfect thriller.     
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