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  Saturday, Sep 03,2016 08:00 IST
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Kidaari starring Sasikumar and Nikhila Vimal in the lead roles has been penned and directed by Prasath Murugesan.

Vela Ramamoorthy, who runs a slaughterhouse in Sattur is a big shot there and has enemies around him. So, Sasikumar acts as his guard and stays with him all the time. Vela Ramamoorthy's brother-in-law O. A. K. Sundar utilizes the popularity of Ramammoorthy and mints money in his real estate business and in handling village disputes on his own.  Sundar isn't pleased and decides to kill Sasikumar when he interferes in this arena.

Amidst this, Vela Ramamoorthy is stabbed mysteriously and gets admitted in the hospital for treatment. Sasikumar tries to find out the culprit and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

Having taken up the titular role Kidaari, director turned actor Sasikumar has lived up to his role, but he has to work more on the romantic sequences. Looking beautiful, Nikhila Vimal has no opportunities other than romancing the hero. So, the heroine who had paired with Sasikumar in his previous film Vetrivel, just fills up her part.

Vela Ramamoorthy has excelled in his character with a perfect portrayal. His dialogues reveal the nativity of southern districts. O. A. K. Sundar and Suja Varunee have utilized their opportunities well and get appreciation for their net performances. The comedy in the film is also a highlight.

Director Prasath Murugesan can be appreciated for the apt choice of his cast. He has filmed his venture with a proper mix of action, romance, comedy sequences and has garnered appreciation from audiences, but the romantic sequences could have been made more impressive. With the first half moving in an unpredictable manner, it is in the second half that the story-line turns interesting.

S. R. Kathir's cinematography pops up the beauty of the rural backdrops. Although the songs aren't as great as expected, composer Darbuka Siva excels on the re-recording front.

On the whole, Kidaari is a worthwhile watch.
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