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Published on :
  Wednesday, Sep 07,2016 13:54 IST
Updated on :
  Wednesday, Sep 07,2016 13:54 IST
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Skiptrace, directed by Renny Harlin, narrates the story of a detective from Hongkong (Jackie Chan) who teams up with an American gambler (Johnny Knoxville) to battle a Chinese criminal (Winston Chao).

Jackie Chan is a police cop and Eric Tsang is very friendly with him. Both of them try to prove the atrocities of Winston Chao, who acts as a big shot in the society, but while doing so, Eric meets his end unfortunately. Before his death, he hands over his daughter, Fan Bing Bing, to Jackie and Jackie takes up the responsibility of bringing her up.

Even after 9 years, Jackie is not able to prove the crimes of Chao and his higher official does not take up his words serious. Bing Bing joins the casino run by Chao in order to help Jackie in his mission. There she meets an American con man, Johnny Knoxville, who mints money in gambling and starts moving very close with him. Once, when a Russian mob gang enters the casino in search of Johnny, he tries to escape from them. While doing so, he enters into Chao's room unknowingly and witnesses a girl dying after being shot by Chao. On seeing this, Johnny rushes out of the room but the gang captures him and takes him to Russia.

Amidst this, Chao threatens Bing Bing to bring back Johnny with a complaint that he has stolen an expensive item from him. When Bing Bing seeks Jackie's help, he goes to Russia in search of Johnny. What happens after that and whether Jackis is able to save Bing Bing from the clutches of Chao has been narrated in the latter part of the movie.

Jackie Chan's aging factor do not diminish his dynamic performance or his charisma. Even at the age of 62, the actor manages to make his fans spell bound with his action sequences. Johnny Knoxville helps to carry out the movie lively. Though not given more importance, Bing Bing has done justice to her portions. Winston Chao, who had played the main antagonist in Kabali has repeated the same villain role in this film and gets the appreciation by playing his role in a subtle manner.

When the initial scenes run a race with momentum, the following sequences look bit dragging as the viewers can easily guess the climax. Even then, the director has taken efforts to make the movie an enjoyable one by the whole mass.

On the whole, Skiptrace can be watched for Jackie Chan.
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