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Published on :
  Friday, Sep 09,2016 15:04 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Sep 09,2016 15:04 IST
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Thagadu is based on a treasure hunt and is mixed with the medieval period history starring Prabha, Ajay and Sanam Shetty among others.

The movie starts to a historical period, dating back more than 100 years. The people in a country that is under the king's rule are suffering with poverty due to drought. During that period, the king happens to possess a scripted metal piece which had a guide line to find a big treasure. The king decides to hunt the treasure to solve the poverty of the people but, when knowing the fact, the greedy minister in the king's court murders the king and the princess to capture the details. Even then, the plate passes to the commander of the king and both of them kill each other in the fight. The plate also gets immersed into the land.

The story, then, shifts to the current generation with this details added as a lesson to the college students. When learning the details hero Ajay, heroine Hasika Dutt and their four friends go to the forest area, where the metal plate was said to be lost, but they have to face a huge hindrance after reaching that place.

What happens to them and whether the friends group are able to come out successful form the crux of the story.

As many of the cast members including the hero and the heroine are new to this field nothing much can be expected from their acting. Having played the antagonist in the first part of the film, actor Rajkapoor has proved his experience by his perfect portrayal. Actress Sanam Shetty who comes as a princess has done justice to her part.

Director Thangadurai has made this film with a mixture of a historical period event to the modern generation. Since the story could have been narrated in a short time, the unwanted extension of the sequences seem to drag the movie.

Charles Melvyn's background music is to the average. Cinematographer Karthikeyan gets an appreciation for his efficient cinematography that shows the difference between the ancient and the modern period.

Over all, Thagadu has nothing new. 
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