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Sadhuram 2
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  Saturday, Sep 17,2016 13:50 IST
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Sadhuram 2 promoted as the first philanthropic thriller in Tamil cinema features Yog Jaypee, Kaushik, Riaz, Rohit Nair and Sanam Shetty in lead roles.

A doctor who poses to be straight forward in his profession is not true to his wife. He and a photographer, who earn money by blackmailing rich men with their personal photos are kept chained in a square room. They find an audio cassette in their pockets and some identification tips to escape from that place. In addition, a message is left saying that they will be killed in a brutal manner if they do not escape from that room before 6PM.

What is the connection between them, why are they locked in the room and who is the culprit behind the whole terror ruckus forms the crux of the movie.

Debutante Sumanth Ramakrishnan has made this effort taking inspiration from Hollywood director James Wan's horror thriller film Saw, but has trimmed it in a suitable manner keeping in mind the tastes of Tamil audiences without much violence. With most of the scenes in Sadhuram 2 taking place inside a room, the director should be appreciated for its interesting elements.

Prahadeesh Kaushik has done a great work in showing the transformation of his character from a soft natured husband to a cruel villain. Yog Jaypee and Riaz have taken up the doctor and photographer roles respectively and they have done justice to their portions and have been successful in bringing out the fear among audiences with their experienced acting.

Though not given a lengthy role, Sanam Shetty and Suja Varunee have portrayed their roles to perfection.

There is only one song in Sadhuram 2 composed by Kirish Gopalakrishnan and is quite enjoyable thanks to its picturization by Satheesh. He needs to be lauded for his skillful cinematography.

In short, Sadhuram 2 is interestingly threatening.
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