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  Saturday, Sep 17,2016 16:21 IST
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Pagiri, starring Prabhu Ranaveeran and Sharvya in lead roles under Isakki Karvannan's direction attempts to put forth the plight of the farmers in the state.

Hero Prabhu Ranaveeran's father is a farmer and wishing to bring his son in his line, makes him study a course in agriculture. But, Prabhu looks out for a government job and tries to join in a government-run TASMAC shop. When a bribe of Rs. 5 lakhs is demanded from him, Prabhu insists his father to give the cash by selling their lands which his father objects to.

So, Prabhu takes up a temporary job in a liquor shop and plans to earn the needed amount. Amidst this, he happens to meet Sharvya and gets attracted towards her dominant behavior. Love blossoms between them after initial reluctance and she wants to help him to achieve his goal.

Prabhu gets a job in TASMAC with the money arranged after encashing Sharvya's jewelry. But, a dispute between Prabhu and the local MLA Ravimariya initiates an opposition against the location of the shop and it leads to the closure of the shop. Frustrated by this, Prabhu tries to open a shop in another place but the MLA plays a spoilsport there too. What happens next and whether Prabhu comes out successful in his business and love life forms the rest of the story.

Although this is a debut film for Prabhu Ranaveeran, he is able to impress the audience with his acting skills. Be it romance, sentiment or stubborn attitude, the actor has portrayed his character to a praiseworthy level. Sharvya looks attractive and portrays her character in a perfect manner. Ravimariya makes his portions interesting. Super Good Subramani, who has played the father of the hero, insists about the eminence of agriculture and gets the applause of the audience. A. Venkatesh has also done a notable performance.

Director Isakki Karvannan has directed this film with a focus on the necessity of agriculture and cultivation. Likewise, he has even touched the subject of prohibition and the stand of political parties on it with satire and criticism. Had it been taken with in a proper manner paying more attention to continuity, the film would have been more impressive. Veerakumar's cinematography add support to the screenplay. Music composer Arunagiri is not up to the mark and should have tried to deliver a better score.

Summing up, Pagiri will gain its attention.
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