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Uchathula Shiva
Published on :
  Tuesday, Sep 20,2016 18:50 IST
Updated on :
  Tuesday, Sep 20,2016 18:50 IST
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After a hiatus, Kollywood actor Karan has made a come back through his production venture Uchathula Shiva under the direction of Jaypee.

Hero Karan is a taxi driver and during one night when he is on his way back after alighting a passenger, he happens to see few goons chasing a newly wed couple and the couple running for their life. The rowdy gang shoots the bridegroom to death but the car in which they escape after the incident also meets with an accident and leads to the death of all.

On seeing the events, Karan gives a lift to the bride (Neha Ratnakaran) in his car. Neha, then, tells him about her father's attempt to murder her as she has married her lover against his wish. In the mean while, the police start their investigation to find the reason behind the deaths.

Amidst all this chaos, Karan develops a love feeling towards Neha and when he tries to contact her family members who are close to her, he comes in contact with her brother. Neha's brother, who has helped her in the wedding, also gets into the car. On knowing the facts, villain Naren and his gang start chasing Karan's car and Neha's brother also loses his life while trying to escape from the villain.

After seeing all this incidents, Karan decides to go to police but Neha is against this idea. Finally, how does Karan save Neha from the clutches of the baddies and the reason behind the hesitation of Neha form the crux of the story.

Actor Karan, who looks young in this film, has put in all his efforts to make his part great. The whole story revolves around Neha Ratnakaran and the actress has portrayed her role in an efficient manner. Apart from the lead pair, villain Naren has given a praiseworthy performance. Though not seen on the screens, veteran artist Kovai Sarala leaves her impact in her voice itself. The other actors who are added in this film to fill up the comical part fail to bring any laughter among the viewers.

The story is said to happen at one night, but the screenplay lacks the needed momentum and director Jaypee fails to attract the audience. Songs are okay with Vidyasagar's music. The BGMs and the camera works of Harmugg are supportive to the movie.

To sum up, Uchathula Shiva proves to be an average film.
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