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Published on :
  Thursday, Sep 29,2016 20:54 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Sep 29,2016 20:54 IST
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The Tamil movie Oruthal has come out with a crime thriller genre and features many new faces under the direction of Krishnadasan Jagadeesan.

Hero Senthil Jagadeesan is an IT employee. His mother wants her son to own a house before his marriage but she passes away without seeing her desires accomplished. So, Senthil builds his house first and then marries Gayatri Iyer, who has been introduced to him by his friend.

The happy living couple give birth to a girl baby. When everything goes smooth in their life, Gayatri happens to clash with the area M.L.A's son in a problem. When his uncle interferes in their argument, Gayatri insults him too. Angered by her attitude, they both decide to take vengeance on her.

Like wise, they kill both the mother and the child when Senthil is not at home. They, then, use their political power to put and prove the blame on Senthil and get him imprisoned. What happens after that and how Senthil punishes the culprits form the crux of the story.

Senthil Jagadeesan is new to the acting field but he has portrayed his character in an appreciable manner. His performance is praiseworthy especially in the second half of the film. Given the responsibility of a heroine, debutante Gayatri Iyer has carried out her part great. A special mention should be made for the acting prowess of the debut actor who has taken up the police officer role. Apart from him, all the other artists, who are also debutante, have given the needed performance to carry out the film interesting.

Director Krishnadasan has filmed a good old story knot of revenge taking thriller but the techniques used to execute the plans look very fresh. Had it been an efficient cast, the impact of the movie would have been more effective.

Sada Sudarsanam's music is so noisy and definitely stands a hindrance to the momentum of the screenplay. Asish Dawar's camera works are to the average only.

Summing up, Oruthal can be seen once.   
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