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Published on :
  Friday, Sep 30,2016 18:09 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Sep 30,2016 18:09 IST
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Kallattam is a return film of Eeram fame actor Nandha and Ramesh Gandhi has directed this Tamil film.

The middle class family couple Richard and Sharika have a cute little daughter. One day, when Richard brings back his daughter from the school, a rash driven bike hits the child but the rider and the passenger escapes from the place. Richard runs to a hospital with the child, who faints with bleeding.

As the child is hit on her head, the doctors demand 20 lakh rupees to conduct the surgery. Richard pledges his house document and the wife's jewellery to a financier and arranges for the money. But, the financier sends a goon behind Richard and steals the cash given to him.

So, Richard files a complaint in the police station and the police officer Nandha and his assistant Elavarasu plan to restore the stolen money. Amidst this, the doctors insist about an emergency operation to the child, but Richard is unable to pay the cash. While investigating the theft, police officer Nandha decides to help Richard but, before the surgery, the police officer gets arrested by the vigilance department with the complaint of taking bribery. The culprit behind the accident and the rest of the happenings form the crux of the movie.

Actor Nandha has repeated the police officer role (the previous film being Vellore Mavattam) in this film but lacks the tempo needed for this character. He does not show any variations or speed even in the investigating sequences.

Richard registers himself as a middle class family man and is very expressive. Even Sharika has portrayed her character well. Elavarasu's casual acting scores the mark and the actor is able to make the audience involve with the film by his dialogue delivery. Villain Elumalai and doctor Kumar Natarajan make their roles impressive with an apt performance.

Having taken a regular crime and investigation subject, director Ramesh fails to film it interesting. The crime story lacks the needed momentum and the efficient acting skills from the artists.

Songs are enjoyable with the music of Umar and the composer has even dominated in the background scores. Ramesh's camera work is supportive to the screenplay.

On the whole, Kallattam is not steady.  
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