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Merku Mogappair Kanaka Durga
Published on :
  Wednesday, Oct 05,2016 14:27 IST
Updated on :
  Wednesday, Oct 05,2016 14:27 IST
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Delhi Ganesh is a priest in the temple of Kanaka Durga located in West Mugappair. Divya Nagesh is his daughter and Delhi Ganesh has decided to get her married to his sister's son Saravanan at her early age itself.

When this pair attain adulthood and the parents start their talk about the marriage, the horoscope of the bridegroom indicates a hurdle in his life and makes his mother feel reluctant about the marriage. Not able to accept this, Delhi Ganesh asks the suggestion of another priest who lives in the temple. He says that the pair can be united in the wedlock but before they start living together they should do a puja ritual with fasting to solve the problem and as per his advice, the wedding ceremony takes place happily.

Meanwhile, Delhi Ganesh arranges the marriage of Janvika, who spends her time in the seva to the deity. But, the girl who was in love with that bridegroom meets her end in an accident and the spirit of the deceased girl starts disturbing the newly married couple. They also, then, seek the grace of the Goddess to get relieved from their troubles. What happens after that and how the problems get solved are narrated in the rest of the movie.

Although this devotional film has come under that category in Tamil after a long hiatus and portrays the greatness of Goddess Kanaka Durga, director Chandra Kannaian has also concentrated in the husband and wife related relationship issues. But, the script looks very clear without any vulgar sequence and the efforts of the director are appreciable. All the artists have done a great performance and a special mention should be given to the veteran artist Delhi Ganesh for his neat portrayal. T.P.Gajendran also makes his participation impressive with his experienced acting.

Songs are okay with Devanesan Chokkalingam's music and the BGMs look apt to the story line. Udhayshankar's camera works are to the average.

Totally, Merku Mogappair Kanaka Durga is devotional treat.   
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