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Published on :
  Wednesday, Oct 05,2016 16:59 IST
Updated on :
  Wednesday, Oct 05,2016 16:59 IST
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The recently released Tamil film Nunnunarvu is a romantic thriller that talks about telepathy - a purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.

Heroine Indira resides in Australia and is involved in a research related to telepathy. Hero Mathivanan also works in that country as a trainee dentist. He shares his residence with a guy, who is a flirt. But, Mathivanan neglects the friend and concentrates in his work alone.

Indira finds out from her research, that two people with same thoughts can converse to each other through telepathy without using any communication technology. So, she keeps on trying to connect to someone who can get along with her in their thought process. During one such trial, Indira is able to contact the hero and they continue their talk often. Without knowing the facts, Indira's father assumes that his daughter is mad and talks alone, he insists her for a consultation with a psychiatrist but to her refusal. Mean while, the heroine gets kidnapped by her relative who wants to attain her.

At the same time, hero Mathivanan goes out for a camp with his friend and the friend murders a girl there. The hero speaks the truth during the police investigation and the angered friend decides to take vengeance on Mathivanan. With this developments, the second part of the story narrates the aftermath.

The story knot seems to be unique but the director should have made it impressive with an efficient cast. Actor Mathivanan has improved his acting skills when compared to his debut film Maha Maha but not up to the mark. Heroine Indira also made her entry through the same film and having taken up a full length heroine role in this film she has done it in an appreciable manner. Even the other artists have tried to prove their mettle but the comedy scenes fail to bring out any laughter among the audience. Although the major portions of the film have been shot in Australia, the story that has a slow pace and moves inside a house most of the time do not attract the viewers. Anyway, the director can be appreciated for his new effort.

Songs are to the average in Mayu Ganeshan's music but the other composer Raj should have taken more care with the BGMs.

Over all, Nunnunarvu lacks the depth in bringing out the feeling.  
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