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Published on :
  Thursday, Oct 06,2016 19:13 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Oct 06,2016 19:13 IST
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Hero Nesam Murali is a big don in Kollidam area. He involves himself in many ill-legal activities as conducting Kangaroo courts and liquor making. As he has a political background and support from the higher officials, no one can interfere or control his atrocities.

Ramachandran Durairaj, though not to the level of Nesam Murali, also acts as a don in that area. He extends his helping hand to a school boy in his love matter but gets into trouble when it is revealed that the student's lover is a police officer's daughter. Nesam Murali helps Durairaj and brings him out of the case without any penalty.

So, the police officer develops a vengeance against Murali and waits for a suitable time to punish him. Amidst this, Murali gets attracted to a gypsy girl, Ludhia, at the first sight of her. Although, she refuses to accept his love, Murali falls for her.

Mean while, Murali's sister gets married and liquor is supplied to the guests. When many of them happen to meet their ends after consuming the serve, the police force decides to arrest Nesam Murali. On hearing this, Murali escapes from that place and takes asylum with the gypsy people. What happens after that and the culprit behind the deaths form the crux of the movie.

Murali looks apt and fits well in the rowdy character but needs improvement with the romance sequences. Debutante Ludhia also looks suitable to her character and is able to score an average for her performance but the dialogue delivery struggles her a lot. The familiar Ramachandran threatens the audience by his looks itself. Any way, veteran Vadivukkarasai scores the appreciation for her perfect portrayal and experienced acting.

Hero Murali has directed this film as well. Like any other films, even Kollidam speaks high about the lambadi people. Having handled a good old story, the director could have shown some difference in the story line or in his film making.

Music composer Srikanth Deva gets a special mention about his composition and cinematographer Rajagopal could have tried to bring out the beauties of the place in a better way.

On the whole, Kollidam is not that attractive.   
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