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  Saturday, Oct 08,2016 14:15 IST
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Devi(L) is a trilingual horror comedy film that stars Prabhudeva, Tamannaah and Sonu Sood in the lead roles with the direction of A.L.Vijay.

Hero Prabhudeva dreams about marrying a modern girl but ends up in tying the knot to the village beauty Tamannaah as per his grandmother's wish. He takes his wife to Mumbai after marriage but tries in all the possible ways to send her back to her village.

Meanwhile, the colleagues of the hero force him to attend a party with them and Tamannaah insists on taking her to the party. Finding no other option, Prabhudeva has to oblige to her but during the party, he is shocked to see Tamannaah dancing in a modern costume and conversing with others in a fluent English. Anyway, Tamannaah is not aware of the happenings on the next day. Fearing, that she might have been possessed by a ghost, Prabhudeva inquires his neighbors about the previous tenants who had lived in that house.

During that inquiry, he comes to know about Ruby, who wanted to establish herself in the cine industry as an actress ended up meeting her end before fulfilling her desire. Prabhudeva makes many efforts to get rid of that ghost and when nothing works out successful, he makes an agreement to the ghost with 5 conditions. He also demands the ghost to leave Tamannaah after its wishes get fulfilled. What happens after that and whether Prabhudeva is able to succeed in his plans form the crux of the movie.

Devi(L) marks the return of Prabhudeva to his acting career after 11 years and the actor looks stunningly young in this film. He captures the audience with his casual performance and gets them involved with his skillful acting and stylish dance movements. Tamannaah is able to show the difference between her characters and attracts the viewers with her beauty and graceful portrayal. RJ Balaji's comedy portions are enjoyable. The other comedian Sathish brings in laughter with his looks and different hair style but doesn't offer much. Nassar, though given a small role, proves his experience.The other artists Sonu Sood and Murali Sharma and a cameo by Amy Jackson, have done justice to their portions and have given the needed performance.

On the downside, a couple of scenes have been recycled from the Hindi version which doesn't have an acceptable level of lip-sync. Director A.L.Vijay has delivered a perfect entertainer with the right choice of the cast, speedy screenplay that involves a beautiful and glamorous ghost. Songs are enjoyable with the composition of Sajid-Wajid-Vishal Misra and Gopichander's BGMs are really terrific. Manush Nandan's camera works add support to the screenplay.

Over all, Devi(L) can be enjoyed for its terror elements portrayed with a genuine comedy.
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