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Published on :
  Wednesday, Oct 19,2016 17:11 IST
Updated on :
  Tuesday, Oct 25,2016 14:02 IST
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Inferno, the mystery thriller film, is based on the 2013 novel of the same name written by Dan Brown. Being the sequel to The Da Vinci Code and Angels&Demons, the film stars Bollywood's Irrfan Khan along with Hollywood's Tom Hanks.

Fearing that the world will face a heavy disaster due to the increasing population, Ben Foster, a multi millionaire and bio-engineer of Europe, develops a virus through his research to decimate the population. He preserves it in a secret place and creates many puzzles to reach the storage place.

On knowing about the plans, the Intelligence department surrounds him and unable to escape from them, Ben Foster commits suicide and ends his life. The female officer, Sidse Babett, has been then assigned to solve the puzzles, find out the secretive place and decode the virus. She approaches professor Tom Hanks to help her in this challenging task.

As per her request, Tom Hanks starts his search with the help of Felicity Jones. Felicity was a lover of the dead Ben Foster. She pretends to help Tom but her original plan is to find out the virus and spread it to fulfill the desire of her deceased lover. Amidst this, Irrfan Khan, the agent to Ben Foster and the head of a morally ambiguous private security firm, also starts his work towards the same goal as Tom Hanks. What happens after that and whether they can achieve their goal form the crux of the movie.

Looking majestic in his role and romantic in the love sequences, Ben Foster is also attractive with his dialogue deliveries. Tom Hanks carries the whole story on his shoulders and portrays his role in a praiseworthy manner but it is Felicity Jones who steals the show with her perfect body language, playing the innocent throughout the film, and grabs a big applause from the audience when she finally shows off her real character.

Indian actor Irrfan Khan utilizes the given opportunity to prove his skills and makes his presence felt. He has given a realistic performance in the fight scenes as well. Even, Sidse Babett has registered an impressive act by taking up a responsible intelligence officer role.

Totally, Inferno - a scientific danger.   
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