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Published on :
  Thursday, Oct 20,2016 14:31 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Oct 20,2016 14:31 IST
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Shivanagam is the Tamil version of Kannada film Nagarahavu starring Diganth and Divya Spandana aka Ramya in the lead roles under the direction of Kodi Ramakrishna.

Being a lover of music, hero Diganth runs a music band on his own. Heroine Ramya makes a try for many times to join this band but gets returned with insult. Finally, she joins the troupe after winning a place in the hearts of Diganth's parents and then in the hero's mind.

Mean while, a world level music competition is being held and an ancient kalasha has been announced as the first prize to the winners. There is a say that who ever possesses the kalasha will become very powerful and strong as this kalasha will collect the strength of gods and goddesses on the day of Soorya Grahan. On knowing the details, Darshan, a rich antagonist, wants to own it at any cost. He starts a musical band on his own and tries to possess the kalasha. But, Ramya handles the people who ever tries to own that ancient vessel. The rest of the movie, then, narrates the aftermath with the flashback of Ramya and the connection between her and the divine vessel.

The whole story revolves around the heroine Ramya and knowing her responsibility, the actress has given out a great performance. Looking beautiful with both modern and traditional costumes, she is able to impress the audience with her emotional dialogues and even in the fierce fight sequences.

Hero Diganth fits well in his character and is appreciable for his romance and dancing skills. Darshan threatens as a modern villain and Saikumar maintains his majestic performance as usual. Apart from all this artists, the graphic scenes are the biggest boon to this film. Bringing back the matinee idol of Sandalwood, late Vishnuvardhan, on the screens could be the much admired technical greatness in this film. Director Kodi Ramakrishna has tuned this good old revenge taking story suitable to the viewers with the latest technical developments.

Songs are enjoyable with the music of Gurkiran Shetty and he is terrific with the BGMs. Venugopal's camera works add the needed support to the screenplay.

Over all, Shivanagam will develop the devotion.

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