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Motu Patlu - King of Kings
Published on :
  Thursday, Oct 20,2016 15:23 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Oct 20,2016 15:23 IST
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Motu Patlu - King of Kings has come out as the first full length 3D animation film totally made in India with an Indian story and the local heroes.

Guddu Ghalib, is a vegetarian circus lion that is frustrated about its life. One day, he escapes from his arena when a fire breaks out in that place and enters Furfuri Nagariya, where Motu and Patlu lead their lives. When the people are afraid to go near Guddu, Motu and Patlu are able to bring him under their control. While planning to leave him in the forest, they come to know about his where abouts (Thanks to the scientist who discovers the language of lions and teaches it to Motu Patlu) and is in a hesitation.

At the same time, a lion king has been trying to save the other animals and their forest residence from a poacher who plans to destroy the forest to possess the hidden treasures. During this struggles, the lion meets his end but Motu Patlu decide to take up the task by replacing Guddu in the king's place. So, they start teaching Guddu a lion's original characters and the rest can be enjoyed on the silver screens.

Although this is a children's film that has adapted the popular cartoon characters from a Hindi magazine, Motu Patlu has the mixture of action, adventure and comedy in it. The film has the magic of attracting all the age groups of viewers and this trio make the audience break into laughter by their happy go atrocities. The dialogues get a special mention as they can be easily understood by the children. Music composer Vishal Bharadwaj proves his mettle by showing variations in his compositions for each and every action.

On the whole, Motu Patlu - King of Kings, being the first attempt from an Indian studio, is sure to give a joyous experience to the children.
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