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Train to Busan
Published on :
  Friday, Oct 28,2016 14:56 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Oct 28,2016 14:56 IST
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Train to Busan is a zombie horror thriller film directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Hero Gong Yoo, who gets separated from his wife lives with his young daughter. Due to his deep involvement in his work, he is not able to take care of the child and so, she insists to go back to her mother, who lives in Busan. At one stage, Gong decides to take his daughter to his wife and they travel to their destination by boarding a train.

Meanwhile, the people of the city get affected by a chemical that gets leaked and turns them into zombies. Gong happens to see many of these zombies entering the train. The rest of the movie narrates what happens next and whether he is able to save his child from the dangers and meet her mother.

Gong Yoo's character has been utilized well to create an impression among the viewers. Being portrayed as a very selfish person in the beginning, the hero comes out for the rescue of other passengers after witnessing their willingness to help him in danger. Likewise, Kim Su-An, who plays his daughter gives out a great performance by showcasing her acting prowess. She is able to create the tension among the audience when she gets into the clutches of the zombies. Even, the husband, Ma Dong-seok and his pregnant wife make their presence felt with their smart acting skills.

With major portions of the film being shot inside a train, the story starts slow in the beginning, but gains momentum in due course of time. Director Yeon Sang-ho has neatly mixed sentiment and comedy sequences into his thriller. Composer Jang Young-gyu and cinematographer Lee Hyung-deok have done their jobs in a praiseworthy manner.

Overall, Train To Busan is sure to pick up speed.
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