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Chandramukhi Returns
Published on :
  Friday, Oct 28,2016 15:11 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Oct 28,2016 15:11 IST
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The Hindi film 1920 Evil Returns has now hit Tamil screens as Chandramukhi Returns. The film begins with a chariot vehicle traveling in a forest road and reaching a bungalow. Heroine Tia Bajpai is inside the bungalow. The servant, who comes in informs her that he sees Aftab Shivdasani, who is in love with her without seeing her in person on his way and he lays down on the road in a drunken stage thinking that Tia is dead. So, Tia yearns to meet him, but as she is being possessed by a spirit, she is unable to go out of that place.

So, the servant gives her a magical mirror and with its power, Tia comes out of the bungalow and travels to see her lover. While they are on their way, the servant gets down from the vehicle when he hears a voice calling for help. After a long wait, Tia also gets down and walks into the forest to find out the servant. During that time, the spirit that has possessed her gets into the servant's body and attacks her. Amidst this chaos, she loses the magical mirror too. The spirit, then, threatens Tia that it will not allow the lovers to unite in life. The reason behind it and the aftermath are narrated in the second half of the movie.

Hero Aftab looks good and has delivered a casual performance, but the actor has carried out expressions filled with sorrow throughout the film. Having taken up two different characters, heroine Tia Bajpai has done a neat performance in her character portrayal. She is terrific in expressing her emotions after the spirit enters her body. The artist who has essayed the wizard character has a strong role in this film and the actor has utilized this opportunity to its maximum. His dialogue delivery and the different style of walk catch the attention of the viewers easily. Even the other artists have done a neat job.

Director Bhushan Patel is able to create the fear factor from the beginning of the film and succeeds in maintaining it without linking any comedy sequences. This results in the audience leaving the theater with the satisfaction of visualizing an out-and-out thriller film.

With Chirantan Bhatt's music lending the thriller effect and Naren Gedia's cinematography adding momentum to the screenplay, Chandramukhi Returns is scary.
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