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Nee Enbathu
Published on :
  Sunday, Oct 30,2016 11:31 IST
Updated on :
  Sunday, Oct 30,2016 11:31 IST
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Hero Rahul is a lorry driver and Black Pandi works under him as his assistant. One day, when Rahul drives his lorry, he happens to witness a bridge collapsing in front of him and a bus falling down with its passengers. He quickly reacts and saves all the passengers. After this incident, constructing a new bridge is under way and the vehicles that are to cross that bridge get diverted in a by pass road. Heroine Sai runs a shop in this route.

When Rahul crosses through this by pass road, Sai, who tries to drive a bike, hits the lorry with her vehicle and this develops a fight between them but later on, they both fall in love with each other. Sai's maternal uncle is a big don in their place and Sai's parents have arranged her marriage with her uncle. Even then, the lovers roam their home town together. When it comes to her uncle, he warns Sai but the intimacy between the lovers go deep and results in her pregnancy. What happens after that and the happy ending are narrated in the rest of the screenplay.

Hero Rahul suits well to his character but his romance sequences are not enjoyable. The stereo type performance of this youngster fails to attract the audience. Although Sai finds it tough in the beginning, she becomes comfortable later on and has expressed herself well with the sentiment sequences. Pandi Lingeswaran who has played the antagonist threatens with his villainic act. The artist who has portrayed the mother role has also made an impressive performance.

Director Raheem started his film with one story but got diverted to another plot in the middle and the slow moving screenplay plays a spoilsport with the momentum.

Songs are to the average in Ravi K.Menon's music but the background music is not up to the mark. The picturization could have been clear with Shaji and Udhay's camera works.

Over all, Nee Enbathu is not to the liking of the viewers.
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