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Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai
Published on :
  Monday, Oct 31,2016 13:54 IST
Updated on :
  Monday, Oct 31,2016 13:54 IST
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The recently released women centric Tamil film Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai, starring Nadhiya, Ineya, Kovai sarala and Aarthi in pivotal roles, talks about sensitive homosexual relationships.

Ineya, a college student of Coimbatore, makes a short film along with her friends. Disliking the content, the college professor asks them to prepare a unique plot. Having decided the story knot, Ineya, then, travels to a bungalow at a hilly region to shoot her film. On their way, they give lift to Eden, who is left stranded as her car gets struck with some problem.

While the shooting is under way in that bungalow, a friend of Ineya gets injured and so Ineya invites Eden to reprise her friend. Eden accepts Ineya's request after initial hesitation and then leaves the place. Meanwhile, Ineya's friend comes to about Eden's death from a news paper cutting. Shocked to hear this, the friends group see the video of their short film and realize that when all the other cast members are seen in the frame, Eden's figure is invisible.

Following this, the friends see many changes in Ineya's attitude and afraid of her behavior, they take her to a doctor. When the doctor says that nothing is wrong with Ineya, the friends become more confused and approach police official Nadhiya for help. The latter part of the movie reveals the reasons and the aftermath of the screenplay.

Nadhiya has entered the silver screens after a long interval but proves her acting skills with the evergreen youthful looks. Ineya has portrayed her role in an excellent manner and is able to show the difference when she is normal and when she becomes abnormal after being possessed by the ghost. The other artists like Eden and Aarthi have done their parts neatly.

Most of the sequences fail to add momentum to the screenplay as they do not possess any logic but director Tulseedas gets the appreciation for taking a film only with women and utilizing their abilities to the maximum. Had the comedy sequences made more hilarious, the movie could have been enjoyed better.

Songs are okay with Sreekumar's music but Arrol Corelli's back ground scores play a good support in increasing the thriller effects. Scenes are enjoyable with the camera works of Sanjeev Shankar.

On the whole, Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai is less attractive.
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