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Anjukku Onnu
Published on :
  Tuesday, Nov 22,2016 20:41 IST
Updated on :
  Tuesday, Nov 22,2016 20:41 IST
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Hero Amar moves very close with four of his friends including Siddharth. Maintaining this friendship from their childhood onwards, the friends develop a habit of being together while doing any work and this habit continues even after they are grown up. They jointly work under Singam Puli in a construction site. Heroine Umasree also joins there as a worker. Siddharth develops an interest towards Umasree and they both decide to get married. But, this interruption leads to a difference of opinion between the thick friends. Meanwhile, Umasree tries to reform their life style and reunite the friends.

Whether she is able to succeed in her efforts and the happy ending form the crux of the movie.

Siddharth makes it impressive while showing his oscillation between affection and friendship and has done a great performance. With the story revolving around the heroine, Umasree has lived up to her character. Megna, who comes as the daughter of the building owner and yearns for Amar's love has done a satisfying job. Building supervisor Singam Puli makes the viewers enjoy his acting skills while the other cast members like Muthukalai, Uma, Gazali and Sharmila have done their portions neat.

Having portrayed the problems that arise with the interference of a female among five friends in a clear manner, director Aarviyar added strength to his story by making the female upgrade the lifestyle of this friends. More over, he has portrayed the struggles faced by the building workers during the rainy season very effectively.

Although the film travels flat without any twist, the climax falls totally unexpected. Had the friendship story been narrated with more depth and trimmed in the first half, the movie would have attracted more audience. Anyway, the director is appreciable for registering the workers life in a casual manner.

Sahitya's music makes the songs enjoyable and the BGMs can be rated average. Nandhu's camera reveals the shots with clarity.

On the whole, Anjukku Onnu is a unique thought.
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