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Kavalai Vendam
Published on :
  Thursday, Nov 24,2016 20:51 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Nov 24,2016 20:54 IST
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Jiiva-Kajal Aggarwal starrer Kavalai Vendam has come under romantic comedy genre with the direction of Deekay.

Jiiva and Kajal Aggarwal, who maintain a close friendship from their early stages, get united in life during their adulthood  but, they fall apart within a short period due to difference of opinion. After some time, Jiiva opens a restaurant on his own and wedding arrangements are on their way for Kajal Aggarwal and Bobby Simhaa. Mean while, Sunainaa falls for Jiiva but Jiiva wants to live his life with Kajal.

In this situation, Kajal Aggarwal decides to divorce Jiiva legally before her marriage with Bobby Simhaa. So, she approaches Jiiva to get his signature in the divorce petition. In return, Jiiva asks her to stay with him for one week and lives the life to his wish. Following this, a big friends gang including Bobby Simhaa, Kajal Aggarwal and Sunainaa come and stay with Jiiva under one roof. What happens after this jovially spent period and the happy ending are narrated in the second half of the movie.

Director Deekay mainly relies on the comedy contents without any logic and fails to make the film interesting. Like his previous film, he has chosen Ooty as his location but the choice of the shooting spots are very beautiful and unique.

Actor Jiiva looks handsome and charming in his stylish out fits. Although it is a cake walk for him to play a comedy mixed hero role, the lack of opportunity plays a hindrance in proving his mettle. Kajal Aggarwal comes as a glam doll and the director could have extracted more emotions from the actress during the comedy and sentiment sequences. Though not given a powerful part, Bobby Simhaa and Sunaninaa give a neat participation.

Bala Saravanan and R.J.Balaji give a good support for the hilarious part of the film. Mayilsamy, who portrays the role of Jiiva's father adds strength to his character with his experienced acting. Even Madhumitha, who is seen for a short time, makes the audience laugh with her performance.

Abinandhan Ramanujam's camera plays the backbone of this film. The scenic beauty of Ooty has been delivered in a picturesque way through his lens. Leon James gives a better feeling with the songs but his BGMs need more attention.

Over all, Kavalai Vendam could've been a much better attempt.
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