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Kanla Kaasa Kaattappa
Published on :
  Friday, Nov 25,2016 20:10 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Nov 25,2016 20:10 IST
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A Tamil Nadu minister gains 100 crore rupees by corruption. Since the black money is in Malaysia, the minister approaches Balaji's help to convert the money into accounts. Planning to achieve this by depositing the cash in the banks of Colombia, Balaji sends Vichchu to collect the money and fixes club dancer Chandini as his assistant. This duo is able to get 20 crore rupees at the first installment. Meanwhile, Kalyan Master and Yogi Babu, who indulge in small thefts, try to loot this big reserve with the idea of settling down in their life.

At the same time, hero Arvind Akash, who is in a frustrated mood about his failures and future, gets a tip about the cash. He and his grandfather, M.S. Bhaskar, decide to take up robbery for their livelihood and start their try with this big cash.

On top of all this events, Balaji who gets injured in an accident ends up in a coma stage.  As he is the only person, who is behind Vichchu's cash collection trip, Vichchu wants to utilize the opportunity and possess the money to himself. What happens to the cash, who becomes successful and the rest of the happenings can be enjoyed on the silver screens.

Hero Arvind Akash has excelled in his character and makes the audience enjoy his talents especially in action and comedy sequences. M.S. Bhaskar provides the needful performance for a comedy role and assures hilarious sequences. Even then, it is Yogi Babu who steals the show through out its run time and the actor's participation in the climax scenes leave the audience laugh into splitters. Kalyan Master plays a supportive role to Yogi Babu. Looking glam, Chandini fits well in her dancer character and even the other artists have played their portions in an appreciable manner.

Major Gautam has tasted success in his first film itself by delivering his flick to the likes of all ages. His ability to extract the best from the artists has helped him to achieve this success. Gautam's film is a comical and jovial narration that focus the movements and the motivations of the small thieves when they happen to indulge in a big theft.

Music composer Divakar Subramaniam can be noted for his background scores but the songs could rated average only. Arvind Kamalanathan delivers the beauty of Malaysia in a different angle.

Finally, Kanla Kaasa Kaattappa will make the viewers happy.
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