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Published on :
  Sunday, Nov 27,2016 11:35 IST
Updated on :
  Sunday, Nov 27,2016 11:35 IST
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Set in the backdrop of 18th century period, the film Ilami portrays the history of the ancient sport Jallikattu.

Kiliyur and Mangulam are the two neighboring villages located near Madurai. Although the people worship the same idol of Lord Karuppu, there prevails a resentment over the placement of the idol in the respective villages for more than 200 years.

Ravi Mariya is the headman of Kiliyur village and heroine Anu Krishna is his daughter. In Kiliyur, the people follow the tradition of fixing the marriage of their daughters to the guys who tame the bulls that are let into the arena of Jallikattu. As no one is able to control Ravi Mariya's bull so far, he is left unbeaten.

Hero Yuvan and Akhil are the residents of Mangulam village. Yuvan is an expert in hunting the animals and possesses a special talent in taming the bulls. Yuvan and Anu Krishna are in love with each other. In this situation, Kiliyur people get ready for a temple festival and being ignored with their rights, Akhil, executes a cunning plan to bring back the deity to their village and to marry Anu Krishna.

Things work out according to the plans of Akhil and and when Ravi Mariya accepts to the conditions of Akhil and arrange for Jallikattu, Yuvan also enters the game with a wish to marry Anu Krishna. What happens after that and whether the lovers get united in their life form the crux of the movie.

Looking apt in the 18th century village lad character, Yuvan has delivered a praiseworthy performance. Be it romance or action, he is able to attract the audience with his perfection. Akhil plays the majestic antagonist part and registers him neatly. By playing casual, Anu Krishna makes her participation very impressive. Actors Ravi Mariya and Kishore play their part well and do justice to the given portions.

Although there came many films based on this sport Jallikattu, director Julien Prakash has narrated the history and the pride of this game in a perfect and great manner. The graphic works have helped the movie makers to picture the bull fight in detail. The unexpected climax and the sports mixed love story go well with the director's ability to extract the best from the artists.  

Srikanth Deva makes the songs enjoyable and he also scores with the back ground music works. Yuga's cinematography provides the needed support to the screenplay.

All total, Ilami makes a pleasant and youthful presentation.

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