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Virumandikkum Sivanandikkum
Published on :
  Thursday, Dec 01,2016 21:04 IST
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Hero Sanjay, who has a desire to earn from his own business, borrows Rs. 5 lakhs for interest from money lender Sangili through his friend Murugadoss. But, before starting any business, he spends the cash along with his friends thinking that he would get a bank loan soon. He ends up in trouble when his father tears off the loan application. Meanwhile, Sangili insists him to pay the interest and beats his friend Murugadoss for giving guarantee to the debt amount.

When the friends are put under pressure, remedy comes to them in the form of Thambi Ramaiah, who makes Sanjay act in his film for six days and accepts to pay him Rs. 6 lakhs as remuneration. In between, they happen to see Arundathi Nair on their way and decide to add her in their film as the female lead. Instead of making her play the role directly, they film her movements without her knowledge and complete their film by mixing these shots in their movie making.

When the work get wrapped up, Thambi Ramaiah hands over the cheque to Sanjay and leaves the place. Sanjay settles his balance with Sangili by giving him the cheque and returns home to face Arundathi Nair's family there. They complain that she is missing and asks him about her whereabouts as they happened to see the film taken by Thambi Ramaiah, which ended up getting revealed on YouTube. The family members are not ready to believe what Sanjay said. To make the situation more worse, Thambi Ramiah's bounced cheque also increases the pressure.

What happens to Arundathi, how does Sanjay prove his innocence and whether he is able to escape from the clutches of Sangili form the crux of the movie.

Newbie actor Sanjay finds it difficult to perform his character in an efficient manner. Looking beautiful, heroine Arundathi proves her skills in sentimental sequences and makes the audience feel that she could have been utilized more. Thambi Ramaiah strikes great in his deceiving character and his experienced acting earns the audiences' approval. Yogi Babu plays the assistant of money lender Sangili and makes his scenes hilarious with his counter dialogues. The other artists Murugadoss, Mayilsami and Robo Shankar come in the friend's gang and do a neat portrayal.

Director Vincent Selva, who has earlier helmed 'Ilayathalapathy' Vijay's films fails to make this attempt impressive. There is no link between the title and the story. The film looks flat even though it includes many comedians and creates a dragged feeling with the inclusion of many unwanted scenes.

S K Michael's efficient cinematography fulfills the needs of the makers. Songs can be rated average in Devarajan's music, with the background scores needing improvement.

Overall, Virumandikkum Sivanandikkum is not a happy outing.
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