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Azhagendra Sollukku Amudha
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 02,2016 19:06 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 02,2016 19:06 IST
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Hero Rijan Suresh is a jobless North Chennai guy who roams around with his friends and spends his time in drinking. He has the character of doing things that are objected by others. One day, heroine Aarshitha happens to see him drinking a tender coconut near the road side and finding his manners funny she laughs at him.

But, Rijan develops a liking towards her and starts following her. Irked by his attitude, Aarshitha warns him many times and even insults him. When everything goes in vain, she complaints to his father and then gives a petition in the local police station. On failing in all this measures what does the heroine do to get relieved from this torture forms the crux of the movie.

Set in the back drop of North Chennai, director Nagarajan has registered the lifestyle of the area lads in a realistic manner. Traveling in a comedy genre, he has neatly narrated the stubborn mentality of the youngsters when they fall in love with some female and then try in all the possible ways to make them accept their love. Having gained the first success with the choice of the right cast, Nagarajan has extracted the best from all the artists.

Looking apt in the North Chennai lad role, hero Prajin delivers a praiseworthy performance with his innocent acting. He gives the guarantee for a heart felt laughter when he repeats Rajini film dialogues in the police station and troubles the constable there. The actor's dialogue delivery also scores the appreciation.

Aarshitha, with her charming looks, makes her portions impressive and gets a pass mark in showing her troubled emotions when she is continuously disturbed by the hero. Debate specialist Raja registers himself as a strict father and even the friends gang of the hero have done well. Although the film fails to be attractive in the beginning, the audience start enjoying this film after grasping the fun elements indulged in the character picturization of the hero.

Music composer Rajini Mahadev presents all the songs that are sung with different emotions in an enjoyable manner. Even the back ground scores fall without a fail. Kalyan Ram's camera strikes catchy in the song sequences and the over all result is also good.

Summing up, Azhagendra Sollukku Amudha can be rated a happy outing. 
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