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Pazhaya Vannarapettai
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 02,2016 20:15 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 02,2016 20:15 IST
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Feeling happy with the completion of their Mechanical Engineering course, hero Prajin and his friends have a celebration in a wine shop. The friends come back home after having dinner in a roadside mess. But, when a rowdy gang murders a political person in that place where they ate a while back, the names of Prajin and his friends are collected by the police and they take this friends to the station as suspects. Dance master John and Nishanth are already kept in the station for inquiry and Prajin group develop a friendship with them.

In this situation, another associate of the political person who gets injured during this murder attempt is admitted in the hospital and he includes one of Prajin's friend as the culprit. Although the cops neglect this statement, they are put under pressure when the injured also loses his life.

Leaving with no other option, the police retains the guy who has been pointed out by the deceased and leaves the other suspects. Meanwhile, Richard, a high level official, enters into the scene. Finding the victim innocent, he tries to catch the real culprit. On the other side, Prajin and Nishanth start their search to save their friend.

What happens after that and whether the hero proves the innocence of his friend by catching the real culprit can be seen on the silver screens.

Pazhaya Vannarapettai revolves around the areas in North Chennai and Prajin fits well in his character. Even his acting gets an acceptance from the audience. Richard portrays the police character with grip and majesty. Master John brings in a real don with his perfect makeover and portrayal. Nishanth performs good and Karunas is also appreciable for his get up and performance.

With a right mix of love and comedy, director Mohan.G has delivered his action thriller film picture perfect. The scenes where the hero expresses his love to the heroine give a fresh feeling. Jubin's music keeps the screen play interesting from the start to till the end. Songs are also enjoyable with his composition. Cinematographer Farooq brings out the nook and corners of North Chennai areas and gives a feel good effect.

On the whole, Pazhaya Vannarapettai gives a fresh feeling.
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