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Maaveeran Kittu
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  Saturday, Dec 03,2016 12:30 IST
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The new Tamil film Maaveeran Kittu starring Vishnu Vishal and Sri Divya in the lead roles deals with the caste discrimination that was in its peak during the 1980s. National Award winning director Suseenthiran has helmed the cast and crew.

The film starts with the death of a Dalit leader in a village near Palani. When Nagineedu Vellangi, an upper caste leader and the other residents oppose the funeral procession to pass through their streets, Parthiepan argues for their rights and do the needful. Meanwhile, Vishnu Vishal, who is also a dalit youngster, comes out first in the state Board examinations and Parthiepan tries to make him a collector.

Disliking this idea and the supportive attitude of Sri Divya's father towards the dalits, the upper caste people murder Sri Divya's father and blame Vishnu Vishal as the culprit. This results in the imprisonment of the hero. When Vishnu comes out on bails, cop Harish Uthaman tortures him again on the pretext of inquiry. Then, Vishnu goes disappearing and the whole village is in search of him.     

Following this incidents, Parthiepan paves way for a struggle against the upper caste community. The aftermath and the happy ending are narrated in the rest of the screenplay.

Portraying the lead role, Vishnu Vishal looks majestic and apt to the titular character and strengthens it by his casual acting. Coming in a village girl attire, Sri Divya makes the audience feel good about her performance.

Given the prime part, Parthiepan makes it fresh without his satire dialogues but with a memorable subtle performance. There is fire in the dialogues that he voices out for the suppressed people.

Director Suseenthiran has neatly filmed the caste discrimination that was seen during the 1980s and has boldly registered his thoughts. The songs that play the commercial part in the second half are a hindrance to the momentum. Yugabarathi's dialogues and the strength of the screenplay make the film reach its height.

D. Imman's music composition is just superb and a special mention should be given to the lyrics and the picturization of the song 'Inaivom'. Cinematographer Soorya also shares this credits for picturing the period film with a perfect light effect and a suitable back drop.

Overall, Maaveeran Kittu will win the race.   
Comments 1
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