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Parandhu Sellva Vaa
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 09,2016 21:40 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 09,2016 21:41 IST
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Hero Luthfudeen heads to Singapore from Tamilnadu in search of job and shares accommodation with his friends Sathish and Anandhi. He's also a person who can fall in love with any woman at an instant and has the tendency to propose to that person too without a second thought. As this makes him the butt of jokes from his friends, he gets desperate to show them that he too can have a lover.

He spots the image of Narelle Kheng and with the help of Sathish who creates a fake profile for her and forges images of her and Luthfudeen together, the hero makes his roommates believe that he's in a committed relationship. Meanwhile, his parents arrange a wedding with Aishwarya Rajesh who he falls for at first sight and the duo start getting closer. On the other hand, Narelle finds her fake profile and somehow ends up liking Luthfudeen who rejects her proposal. But a series of events make Luthfudeen like Narelle and who ends up with whom in this love triangle forms the story of Parandhu Sellva Vaa.

After making his presence felt in smaller roles in films such as Saivam and Idhu Enna Maayam, Luthfudeen is seen as a full fledged hero for the first time. In modern attires he's definitely got the looks necessary for a hero. Although his acting prowess needs improvement and it's apparent that he isn't comfortable with romantic scenes, he makes up to it with his dancing abilities. The transition of Aishwarya Rajesh from her previous film where she sported a rural look, to a modern role is interesting. In spite of not having a meaty role, she makes her mark. As the other heroine, Singapore based Narelle Kheng has done a splendid job, especially in the action sequences. Despite having a plethora of comedians such as Sathish, R.J. Balaji, Manobala and Karunakaran, the comedy sequences barely work. As the father of the hero, Gnanasambandam has showcased his experiences as an actor. Anandhi provides the glamour quotient.

The usual love triangle story has been placed for a change in Singapore by the director. There aren't much to point out as something unique. Locations shown in the film are a treat to our eyes. But the feel of characters not given enough weightage is felt. More importance could've been given to screenplay. Music by Joshua Sridhar are decent but he makes up to with a good background music. Santhosh Vijayakumar's lens has captured the beauty of Singapore neatly.

Overall, Parandhu Sellva Vaa, tries to fly

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