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3 Days To Kill
Published on :
  Wednesday, Dec 21,2016 16:50 IST
Updated on :
  Wednesday, Dec 21,2016 16:51 IST
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Director McG's and screenwriter Luc Besson's 3 Days To Kill tells the story of the clash between the professional and private lives of criminals and assassins.

Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) is an American CIA agent working in Europe and also takes part in tasks that eliminate any possible threat targeting his homeland. However, when he is diagnosed with brain cancer that is beyond operating levels, he starts thinking whether what he does is even worth it anymore.

He tries to make amends by flying off to Europe and patch things with his ex-wife Christine Renner (Connie Nielsen) and teenage daughter Zooey Renner (Hailee Steinfeld). However, when another CIA assassin Vivi Delay (Amber Heard) tells him he has one last task to do, he has to make a decision that will either destroy any hopes that he has tried to build with his family or give him a chance at something more with life. Whether he chooses to go forward with the one last kill and how things transpire from that point on forms the crux of 3 Days to Kill.

In terms of story, the film has all elements of being a solid action thriller. However, for fans who look forward to watching action on the screen will be left disappointed as it's not a hardcore action film as it may seem. There's quite a lot of sentiment in the film and it's good. However, action fans will not be pleased with it. But, when the ball does happen on screen, it's not disappointing at all as you get an edge-of-the-seat experience for sure.

The acting is as expected commendable considering all stars are seasoned stars. Hailee Steinfeld stands out as the rebellious daughter whom father Kevin Costner tries hard to patch things up with. McG's direction and Luc Besson's screenplay could have been a bit more packed and exciting, and would have made the film a solid win and less boring. However, in order to make the film seem dark and gritty at many instances, the film loses the charm it deserved. Editing by Audrey Simonaud needs a mention as the cuts don't interfere with your viewing experience. Thierry Arbogast's cinematography is praiseworthy despite the apocalyptic feel.

In short, 3 Days to Kill doesn't kill you and is one-time watchable.
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