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Published on :
  Thursday, Dec 22,2016 20:12 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Dec 22,2016 20:13 IST
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The film's hero Siva has four friends who are doing various jobs. One of his friends is an aspiring writer and he gets vivid dreams of a stranger killing his friends every night. Shockingly, each of his friends he dreams about the previous night ends up disappearing the next day. He opens about this to our hero who goes to the locations that appears in his friend's dreams to find any clues. What happened to those friends who went missing? What's the reason for all the happenings? Virugam's story reveals this.

Director Siva, who has also starred as the film's hero has added yet another typical revenge story to the list of Tamil films that deals with the same topic. If he has showed something new in the acting front seems to be the question then it's disappointment in that category too as he looks uncomfortable. No emotions such as anger or romance seems to be exhibited by the director cum actor.

Heroine Jennis doesn't get much of screen space and hence doesn't leave a mark with her performance. As the gang of friends too are newcomers, we can't expect them to perform exceptionally either. Director Siva could've made this thriller more intriguing and could've demanded more work from the film's crew.

Praveen's music is decent. He wasn't to match the thriller tempo with his background score though. S.A. Raj's cinematography too has nothing new to offer.

Overall, Virugam doesn't offer the punch one would expect from a thriller. 
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