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Published on :
  Thursday, Dec 22,2016 21:43 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Dec 22,2016 21:43 IST
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A plane from Andaman to Chennai crashes and a pregnant lady who survives the fall, dies after delivering a baby. Thalaivasal Vijay raises this child that ends up being our hero Richard. After completing school, he studies about soil. With this research, Richard invents a machine that can give important info about whatever soil it tests.

Meanwhile, he meets the heroine and as always, the friendship develops into a relationship. In another track, a multi-storey building collapses causing the death of many people. When Richard tests the soil, he finds out that the soil isn't stable enough to have any buildings on it. After collecting enough proof against those responsible for that building, he gets to police who dutifully arrests the villain. But the villain uses his influence, gets him out of the jail and plans to kill Richard. Will Richard escape this plot, will he get his love interest's hand? That's the story of Andaman.

Richard carries the role of a Research student role with ease and does a good job with his natural acting. Heroine Mano Chithra looks beautiful and gets an 'ÓK' sign for her acting. Thalaivasal Vijay, Manobala, Crane Manohar, Chaams, Bonda Mani and others, who form the supporting cast, don't have much scope to perform but does what's required perfectly. These actors, who are known for their acting prowess could've been utilized in a better way. Screenplay could've been made more racy too.

R. Selva's cinematography is the film's biggest pillar. S.P.L. Selvadasan's music is decent. His background music could've been better.

Overall, Andaman is a film that can be watched once.

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