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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
Published on :
  Thursday, Dec 29,2016 12:59 IST
Updated on :
  Thursday, Dec 29,2016 12:59 IST
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Rahman is an inspector stationed at Coimbatore. One morning as he reaches his police station for duty, he receives the news about a person getting shot. Simultaneously, he also receives a call about a missing woman and blood inside her house.

Who is the person who was shot? Was he killed? Did he commit suicide? Who is the missing woman? Is she really missing or absconding? These are the questions that put Rahman into action and he sets out to find the missing pieces in the puzzle. Meanwhile, a new constable who has joined the police station reveals information related to all these questions enthusiastically. Thinking the newly joined constable would be of help to him, Rahman recruits him and the two begin investigating.

In conclusion, whether the two deduce all these questions forms the crux of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. And, it has been narrated in an excellent and fast-paced manner.

A double thumbs up for director Karthick Naren for telling a simple story in such an exciting and intriguing manner. Although the murder investigation is told from multiple viewpoints, the way the story has been made to progress is without a shadow of a doubt exceptional to say the least.

Similarly, editor Sreejith Sarang needs to be complimented for his editing skills as he has cut the film in a manner that doesn't take audiences off track. The editing in the film doesn't hamper with the story-line and the audience are guided throughout the narrative without much confusion.

Sujith Sarang's cinematography gives us the impression of watching the events unfolding on the screen as right in front of our eyes. Composer Jakes Bejoy's background score adds considerable strength to the film. The music pushes the story forward and leaves us feeling refreshed.

Rahman, who plays the police inspector maintains his decorum and delivers a knockout performance without having to go overboard on his emotions. His range of different expressions only push the film forward.

Likewise, Delhi Ganesh, Prakash, Santhosh Krishna, Karthikeyan, Praveen, Yashika, Bala Haasan, Vinoth Varma among others have done their respective roles justice.

In short, Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru deserves a double thumbs up!
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